Welcome to ReLife Counseling

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Our website is a work in progress with the intent to aid and inform our clients, friends and fellow therapists. Our belief is that the better our clients can understand the counseling process the more effective and efficient their counseling experience will be. So if you are one of our clients or just thinking about employing our services please take your time to get to know us here. When we think of friends and fellow therapist our hope is to be a resource for information and encouragement.

Our logo is meant to communicate our belief about the counseling process: The process is represented by a tree that has been cut, yet it grows beyond the circle of what it originally was because in the tree is life, the innate ability to heal and grow, and it is planted by a river that nourishes it. Our desire is to serve you in a respectful and safe counseling relationship. One that will allow us to appropriately reprocess your hurt most likely through the use of EMDR therapy, so that you may experience a recovery beyond what you thought possible.